beautiful riverI want to write some things before I start my blogging here. You can go and see my old blogs in I started first in Finnish and shifted into English after one year. Why did I do it? Because English has become the language I am operating and bringing forth what God has revealed to me. I’m not saying it’s the only language to express what God is saying. But it’s main language for me. I’m part of the ministry called Rivers of Eden, which is the English speaking ministry, and I’m called to go out to the nations and that will not happen in Finnish. So forgive me still learning to express my thoughts in English.

When I have a look upon my life and openly with the Lord look what He has done in my life until this point I can only be in awe and be grateful for Him. I’m coming from a quite middle side town with no so called right-connections. I grew up in a quite religious atmosphere and was very fearful almost about everything. That fear put more condemnation upon me. Every decision in my life was made based on fear, not faith, yet I called my self as a Christian. But God has done so amazing and awesome work in my life and by Him I am free and by His Grace I have found that my past, present and future won’t define me, but He alone.

I have fullness of Him already in me, yet I’m learning everyday something new about Him who lives in me. It’s amazing and inspiring if I just let that reality consume me and let His Life flow though me and in me. When things happen in our life, we let them distract us too often. Reality is that they shouldn’t when my house is build upon the Rock, Jesus Christ. I myself am learning this more and more and I hope you join to this journey.