Choose Life

Yay! It’s Friday, again. Great end of the great week. I’m so happy today because of the children in my class. They have done great choices lately and they are growing amazingly. I’m very grateful to be with them and teach them.

Today is also time to write for five minutes. Here are more details about Five Minutes Friday. The prompt of the day is CHOOSE. What a great word! 🙂

So here it goes…



I have heard this verse for a week now. After winter break these words have stayed with me. There is always a choice for me to do. I can choose life or death. I can step forward or stay back. I can be positive and grateful or negative and bitter. Whole life is about choices and those are not always easy to make.

In the class I’m teaching I have chosen life. There have been some children with very bad attitude. I tried my best to put them in order but it wasn’t working. I thought surely I can tell them how to behave and it would work. Well, it didn’t. But God. I love those two words. When God steps in it’s always great and will work. Simple words from Him; ‘Choose life’.

I started to sow life to them. There are so many ways I can speak life into their lives. I bless them even though they don’t know it. And this life is now growing in them and starting to bloom and give some fruit. It’s amazing to watch how some so closed and distant children start to get closer and trust and receive love and life. There is always always life to choose. And it’s not so hard if I’m just ready to be open and make some mistakes. If I just know it’s not me, but Christ. He is the Life, not me.


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Five Minutes Friday: SMALL

It’s Friday night and time to join with FMF to write. More details are here. The prompt today is SMALL. There is so much to say about this little word, but I can’t say all in five minutes. Here it goes…


I met one friend today and we talked about my life. I told her how hard last few months have been and how I hit a rock bottom. How I felt some people betrayed me. She asked some questions and I answered. Then she took a white board pen and started to draw something. When she was ready she asked “Are you ready to hear one question? It isn’t an easy question, but I really want you to think of it.” I nodded my head.

Is there anything you would like to thank for those people?


In one moment that small question changed my whole viewpoint. This small question took my focus from what had been done to me into all good what had been brought into my life by those people. Just few words and how powerful they were. Those words were like a big hand which lifted me up from one place and moved me into another. It shifted my whole view. Things which mattered few minutes ago, didn’t really matter anymore. I started to see things via God’s eyes, not via my own. I realized there is always a bigger picture no matter what will happen in my life. God is always faithful and trustworthy. Every season in my life brings something good and something to be grateful for. And whatever happens nobody can take those away from me.

Just a small question and so powerful.


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Five Minute Friday: Write

It’s Friday again and time for a FMF. Learn more about it here. Today’s prompt is


I love to write. I have been writing since I was a child. Writing was my way to process different things in my life. It was IMG_4529the way to see what I was really thinking. And it still is. Sometimes I just let my fingers write letters. And those letters are forming words and words are forming sentences. And the more I’m reading what my fingers are writing the more I see what’s in me. And what God is speaking to me through my words.

Writing is like pealing an onion. I start from one place and I don’t always know where I am going to end up. When I’m writing I’m following the path I don’t always know before hand. It excites me and brings me joy. I don’t make plans how to write and I don’t have a target. I have thoughts and those thoughts are living their own life.

Writing is a gift. And it’s a gift everyone has. It’s not a privilege for few but it’s for everyone. It’s a way to communicate and express ourselves. It’s a way to tell stories and capture and save memories. It’s a way to come together and share.

Everyone can learn to write and can grow in it. It takes some courage to just jump and write. But it’s worth it.

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Five Minute Friday: Hero

It’s Friday and time for Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday prompt. I’m happy to be part of this wonderful group of writers who writes every Friday only 5 minutes about one given prompt without editing. The rule is that after publishing you just go and read what others have posted before you and encourage them.

And here it GOes…


I see this little shy girl. She was too shy to talk to anybody but family members. She was determined and she knew what she wanted, but she didn’t make a number of herself. Her preschool teacher told me she didn’t want to push her to step out if she wasn’t ready. The teacher wasn’t sure how far to encourage her without pushing her.

I thought she would be the one who wouldn’t fly too far out from the nest. That she would be the one to stay close and choose a safe way. That she would never really take risks but go in the middle. She wouldn’t rock the boat, but still live a wonderful and full life.

But she is the forerunner. Yes, she is the firstborn, but that’s not the reason. What she has gone through at her young age, has brought out strength and perseverance. She has a courage to chase her dreams.  She was the one who spent five weeks alone overseas in a  family she didn’t know and who didn’t speak her native language, when she was only 15.  After that she has travelled, stepped out, tried new things again and again. She is still young, only 20, but it seems the world is her home and she is not afraid to face new challenges and new nations, languages and circumstances. I’m very proud of her and I can see where ever she is going to settle down one day, she is going to do it by choice, not by fear.


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Five Minute Friday: Visit

Every Friday (I know it’s Saturday and I’m late) this writing community gathers at Lisa Jo Baker’s place.  Everyone writes without editing for five minutes about one prompt. You can click here and see more info. Welcome and join into this awesome group of writers. Write and you will be encouraged and you will grow as a writer. This Friday the prompt is



I have always loved visits of my friends. When we lived in the small town, we never called and made any schedules when to visit. We didn’t make big plans but just stopped by and sat and ate together. Sometimes there were many of us, sometimes just few.  Sometimes we shared and had deep talks, sometime it was more cooking, relaxing and having fun.

In the summer time when there was a midnight sun and night felt like a day, we stayed until morning and just talked, shared and relaxed. It was so empowering and full of life. Somehow we made through the next day at work never feeling tired.

I don’t know when or why but over years all have changed. We moved into the big city, capital, and a style of living was totally different.  If we wanted to visit, we had to make a plan. It wasn’t stopping by. Sometimes we tried, but either people weren’t’ home or it wasn’t good timing for them. In a hard way we learned a lesson and stopped doing it.

I like to make plans, but more than that I am empowered by surprising visits of friends. In them there is no expectations and it just goes with the flow and with the moment. There is flexibility in those moments.  I miss those ‘old’ days and I think it still should be like that.


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Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

The writing Friday. I involved in the creative writing course tonight and I knew this blog was waiting for me after that. It’s just a great way to spend the weekend. To relax and to write. My weekdays are so hectic and full, that mostly it’s quite difficult to find time to write. But ah … weekend.

Join in to the Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes, unedited. Just write, let it flow, and then publish. No fear! 🙂 Then go and love those who wrote before you.

Here I GO.


Those little words of encouragement are powerful. They can get you up to run, when you are down. They can get you happy and joyful, when you are sad and blue. Those tiny words can lift you up to fly when just moment ago you didn’t even believe you were able to stand up. Those words which may mean nothing to someone else are priceless to you. They can get you to flourish. How much we can do good by giving it. And so many times we just don’t do it.

In my class there is this girl who is so shy and so quiet that you don’t even see her. Or she used to be. You couldn’t hear her words even she stood right next to you. Her talk was quieter than someone else’s whisper. If she was in the class or wasn’t you couldn’t tell the different. A teacher before me had tried to get her louder by yelling at her, but she was more closed and shy and scared.

I decided to encourage her in every way I just could. I talked to her about different things. I noticed things she did and little things she wore. I decided to do my best and trust God on rest. Now one and half year later you can hear her talking. She is still shy, but she talks in front of whole class. She is not afraid anymore and you can se her coming out little by little as she is. She hasn’t changed to be a different person. She is just crowing to be her and trusting that she is good enough. It has taken awhile and will still take, but I have enjoyed this journey with her and I’m so happy to see this change in her.

Encouragement doesn’t take much from my part, but can change lives.


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Five Minute Friday: See

It’s Friday again. What a great day! The day of relaxation. The day to sit on the couch and watch some TV. I love Fridays. It’s a day and night when I can forget the pressure of my job and forget that I have to prepare something for the next week. It’s a day when I can just be with my family and with my grown-ups and forget all troubles those almost teenagers in my class have. It’s Friday and time to write on the new prompt.

Join in to the Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes, unedited. Just write, let it flow, and then publish. No fear! 🙂 Then go and love those who wrote before you.

Here I GO



For so many years I have believed what others have seen for me. I have listened and believed, built and pulled down as others have seen. I have chosen paths adviced to me. I have ignored and put aside what I have seen because I was told so long “You can’t see right” and “You just don’t get it”. I believed the lie even when those didn’t really make sense to mee.

I started to see things through my pain and through my expectations. I saw things as I assumed they were, not as they really were. I started to see things against me, not for me. It got me negative and bitter rather than positive and thankful. My pain and hurt were deep and it was hard to forgive.

Until God stopped me and asked me if I really wanted to see. He asked me to see through His eyes, not through man. He asked me to trust that I was able to see. It was up to me, He was willing. I decided to step into Him to see as He sees and to leave behind everything else. Suddenly I couldn’t help but forgive those who had hurt me. I saw His Grace for me and for others. At that moment I knew there was no going back, but going forward even if others around said I was going back.


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