Five Minute Friday: FIGHT

I heard about this blog challenge awhile back. I felt I wasn’t good enough to link my post here, but last year pushed me against the wall and I’ve realized I have only this one life to try different things and to stretch myself. I’m happy Lisa-Jo Baker started Five Minute Fridays again and when I saw it, I decided to jump in. So here it is.


I have been fighting a battle in my life. And now I’m just realizing I haven’t always fought the right fight. I have given years and years for a dream and for a vision which I did believe was the right one. I am not saying it wasn’t important, but I do realize now that I almost lost everything else beside of it.

I thought that because God is suppose to be The One in our life, then everything about God should be number one too. And after Him comes rest of my life. It’s religious, but I realize my life has gone that way. I almost lost my marriage because of this mindset. I went so far out there to follow a vision I believed God gave me, that finally He had to stop me and bring me back into Him. Not into the vision, not into the picture about Him, but back into Him to really see what’s important in this life.

Sometimes we just think life is black and white, when it’s all these colors. There is fight to fight in our lives, but it’s the best for us if we pick the right one.


I have to admit I couldn’t get out all I was thinking, but because of rules I will not add or edit this. I also didn’t rewrite it even I was really prompted to do that. This is very good challenge for my English, but I do love challenges. 

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