Move on – forgiveness is the key

don't waste your time looking back on what you've lost move on

I saw this sticker today and I knew God was talking to me. When we hit a rock bottom in our marriage and I wasn’t sure if we would ever get back together, I though it was the hardest thing in my life. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than that except death. At the moment I was preparing myself to get divorced God stepped into and spoke His word. And that word changed everything over night. I knew the only way to go was obedience. That’s simply my heart. I love God and when He speaks I will follow.

I thought surely people around me would be happy about our restoration and about my decision. Many of them were, but not everyone. That decision cost me a lot. Things which mattered the most to me suddenly were closed because of this decision. Some long lasted friendships ended because of this. My dreams and things where I had given my last 10 years and my carrier didn’t exist to me anymore. I felt the bottom of my life was suddenly disappeared. I thought I had focus, but suddenly I was wondering aimlessly. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I was happy God finally spoke into my situation, but the price felt so huge, almost impossible to pay. I couldn’t understand it. At the moment I the most needed a friend to walk with me, I didn’t have the best one anymore. The pain was unbearable but I couldn’t do anything. I knew God spoke to stay with my husband and He showed there would be a blessing in that. I had learned God will never abandon and He surely is trustworthy, but those didn’t take my pain away. The lost was huge and even though I did have some other friends, they weren’t as close as the best one.

I do realize there are perhaps other things I don’t know about that caused this situation. This is my part of the story and my focus is not put anyone down. The main thing isn’t who or what, but how did I go through it (and still am going) and what God did and is doing. :o)

It has taken for awhile to get my balance back and see that there is the future in Christ. It doesn’t help me at all if I keep looking back and grieving about what I have lost. That is gone and won’t come back. I still don’t understand, but rather than looking back I have decided to keep walking and focus at this moment, NOW. My life will continue and it’s not depending on people, but God. I would love to have everything, but as one friend said I am happy I have followed God and saved my marriage and my family. That alone is a blessing. If I keep looking back on the things I have lost, I won’t see things I have gained. By doing that I will loose this moment, my now and all good what it’s bringing now. It’s time to grieve, but then it’s time to let it go. It doesn’t mean I won’t have hard days and hard moments still. But even though I do have them I choose to keep walking.

images-40Forgiveness is a great key to let go of the past. It’s amazing thing, but it’s the progress where I have to deal my heart again and again. Every time I face something which reminds me about my past, I choose to forgive and let go of it. It’s not always easy, but it’s my choice. I know there are greater things before me because that is the promise of God. For everyone of us. It doesn’t matter what has happened in my life or in your life, that is what God speaks over us. His way is always from glory to glory. And the key is forgiveness. Just let you past go and see what God will have for you now and in the future.

I’m looking forward new things. It’s like a sunrise after long dark winter in Finland. It’s bright and brings joy and colors whit it.



Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

The writing Friday. I involved in the creative writing course tonight and I knew this blog was waiting for me after that. It’s just a great way to spend the weekend. To relax and to write. My weekdays are so hectic and full, that mostly it’s quite difficult to find time to write. But ah … weekend.

Join in to the Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes, unedited. Just write, let it flow, and then publish. No fear! 🙂 Then go and love those who wrote before you.

Here I GO.


Those little words of encouragement are powerful. They can get you up to run, when you are down. They can get you happy and joyful, when you are sad and blue. Those tiny words can lift you up to fly when just moment ago you didn’t even believe you were able to stand up. Those words which may mean nothing to someone else are priceless to you. They can get you to flourish. How much we can do good by giving it. And so many times we just don’t do it.

In my class there is this girl who is so shy and so quiet that you don’t even see her. Or she used to be. You couldn’t hear her words even she stood right next to you. Her talk was quieter than someone else’s whisper. If she was in the class or wasn’t you couldn’t tell the different. A teacher before me had tried to get her louder by yelling at her, but she was more closed and shy and scared.

I decided to encourage her in every way I just could. I talked to her about different things. I noticed things she did and little things she wore. I decided to do my best and trust God on rest. Now one and half year later you can hear her talking. She is still shy, but she talks in front of whole class. She is not afraid anymore and you can se her coming out little by little as she is. She hasn’t changed to be a different person. She is just crowing to be her and trusting that she is good enough. It has taken awhile and will still take, but I have enjoyed this journey with her and I’m so happy to see this change in her.

Encouragement doesn’t take much from my part, but can change lives.


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