It’s Finished – what’s my part then?

iPhone 001Is it really that simple? Is it really true that I don’t have to add anything into the finished work of the cross? Or that I even can’t add anything? If that is true where it leaves me? It seems this is the hardest part for us. Grace is amazing. But we can’t comprehend it by ourselves. It needs to become a revelation to us and only person to reveal Jesus Christ and what He has done for us is Holy Spirit. If we try to figure it out there is always a part which we try to do or add into it. But there is really nothing we can do for it’s already done. When Jesus died He cried out It is finished! That means it’s finished, completed, done, paid. And if something is finished, completed, done, you can’t add anything into it. There is nothing left for you to do, right?

So what’s my part in this then? Is there any part for me or am I just existing in this all? If it’s about relationship shouldn’t there be something for me to do too? Isn’t there two parts in the relationship communicating together?

Yes, there are some things for us to do. BUT remember always, always source is Jesus Christ and His finished work of the Cross, not us. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. Everything has been created in Him and through Him. He is the starting point and everything ends into Him. But we are inside, in this all with Him, not outside nor spectators. We are the active part, but even if we aren’t it’s all finished for us. It’s already done for us, we just enter into this finished and completed work and become the active part of it and it all benefits our life.

So what can we do then? First we believe it and receive what He has already done for us. Our faith doesn’t complete the work Jesus did for us, but it kind of activates that work for us. All what has already been completed and finished will become part of our lives.

Our life in Him is a journey. It’s once done all for us, but for us to really live in His reality it’s a journey where we learn and grow in Him. Holy Spirit reveals us what is this finished work of Christ and who we are in Christ. We may hear the words but if those words don’t become real to us and Holy Spirit doesn’t reveal them to us, nothing really changes. As we believe so we live. And what’s in me, comes out from me. Either God’s reality or mine. The more I’m learning to know Him, Jesus Christ, the more my thinking is changing and His reality is becoming my reality. 

When we have received and our thinking has changed there will be natural respond to God. It’s not that I first love Him and then because of my love He will give me this greatest gift. No! He loved me first and I’m only responding to His love for me. I’m in Christ and living His life and when He is my source His life will bring fruit in my life which is that natural respond. I can’t make any fruits by myself. It’s all His work in me and in my life.

Jesus said in John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well “If you know the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would gave given you living water.” Jesus was talking about Himself and who He was and IS. He gives living water. When I receive the Truth about Him as Scripture has said His life will flow from within me.

So let me put this all into simple three words – receive, repent and respond. Not to earn or to get what Jesus did for you, but to be the active part in this divine relationship with Him. Then simply rest in this reality and relationship. 


My Journey

This morning God spoke to me whole way to work. I’m driving every morning little over half an hour to work out from Helsinki area. It’s a very nice ride to the country side and very peaceful too because everybody else is going into Helsinki while I’m driving out.

Back to this morning. When I left home, it was very foggy. I was actually sure it was also cloudy, so thick the fog was. You couldn’t see far and it made everything mysterious. It has been clear for weeks now and the sun has been shining every morning. So fog created a very different atmosphere.

When I started to drive and moved from our parking lot, I actually saw that the sun had risen and even fog was so thick it was hard to see the sun, it was there. I had to take a picture.


And God spoke to me. All those years when I was under religion and quite legalistic His love and grace and finished work of Jesus Christ was there with its fullness ready for me, but I couldn’t see because all my thoughts, all teaching I had heard, all quilt and shame kept me in fog. Light I saw was dim and felt being so far away. But what I thought and believed didn’t diminish power of the Cross, I just didn’t know it.

When I kept driving the atmosphere suddenly changed. It wasn’t little by little, but it simply changed. One moment fog was thick and light was dim and next moment it was almost clear. After coming out from that thick fog it at least felt so.


But the more I watched the sun the more I realized that the fog was still there. It wasn’t as thick as it was earlier, but it wasn’t clear. And that is our life. When I really learned about grace and the finished work of the cross, I thought I new it all and I got it. But truth is it was only the beginning for a great journey and adventure with Him and in Him. Learning what it really means and learning to live in Him, in Christ, in His life. And not just learning but also unlearning. Unlearning all teaching I learned under legalistic sin-focused teaching which made my bound and left me feeling quilty all the time. And even though that light seemed so bright first, the more I walked with Him the more I saw I really didn’t know Him. But the greatest thing is He is looking forward to teach and reveal Himself to me and to you.

Proverbs 4:18 says “But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.

It’s journey where we will be learning more and more. We are growing in Him and none of us has arrived yet. There is this foundation, the finished work of the cross where Jesus did it all for us and only thing we can do is to receive it. We can’t add anything into it. It’s not about us, but about Jesus Christ and what He did. It’s free gift for you and me.

When I arrived to my work, sky was clear blue and sun was shining its full bright.The view was beautiful and there was no doubt about the power of the sun which will melt snow and ice and will finally bring summer. That’s the power of the spring sun. Did the sun, by us, when I left have less power than this which was shining over my work place? Of course not! It’s the same sun. It was there whole time with its all power and bright but fog was between me and the sun. That fog made me feel that the sun had less power and actually it didn’t effect to snow as much as at my work place. The fog did hinder the effect of the sun’s power and heath, but it didn’t take it away. The sun was there and the same, but how I was experiencing it by my home was different than by my work place. You see the difference? If anything puts doubt into your mind about the finished work of the cross, you are not able to experience the power of the cross. It can be quilt or shame or religious thinking or wrong teaching or you feeling you are not good enough etc. But that doesn’t change anything from God’s part. He is the same and He will remain forever and won’t change. He is trustworthy and He never leaves you. He is always, always there for you and on your side. He is not against you. Even if you feel that He is far, He is always near you.


This journey will continue and we are walking from glory to glory to glory. Thank you for walking with me and be encouraged. You are accepted and loved!